Tuesday, December 27, 2016

January 6

January 6th is the 12th day of Christmas (whatever that is) AND the day that my/our beautiful/adored daughter left my body and came into the world. We had tried in a serious way, vastly expensive fertility treatments included, to conceive a child of our own. When she came, I was past 37 year of age, and he past 36. She was MORE than either of us could have dreamed of. She still IS. She was a huge surprise and still IS.
It's 4:00 a.m. or so, 34-degrees or so. Lovely blonde puppy at my feet, black at cat my shoulder. There's a tiny fire in the fireplace. I am uncomfortable from surgery, though not agonizing. My beautiful daughter and god-daughter are communicating. Maybe this IS as good as it gets.
My co-worker, Trudy, and I share about 130 years on the earth. And yet, neither of us is "old". MAN, when our boss wants something new, we deliver. We are cleaning up what hella ignorant several years of youthful mess tried to resolve. With pleasure. Catch us if you can!
Oh, the HELL can't I can't I get anything right?  I am a really good learner, reader, etc. Why can't I get it?
VERY shortly before I delivered my girl, Tony and I went to a pow-wow at Grossmont College. Though it was tough for me on my feet at 9+ months of pregnancy, it was apparent the baby was reacting to the drums and the beat. A very few weeks after her birth, we went to another pow-wow at Grossmont. It was clear she was right at home!
Shazam. Ugly few hours at the ER. Disgusting procedure to take care of a severe infection.  Need rest.  Need few pain meds.  Need major antibiotics.  OK. I'm smart.  I can learn.
Fabulous day at work Monday! Trudy and I moved heaven and earth to restore sanity to our rather thrashed work world.  We shall rule!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

 I was a Facebook resistor for YEARS. Then I tried it. It's not for me. What IS for me would be a more meaningful interaction than bullet statements or quick-shot comments. I hope not to be shallow. I hope you are not shallow. I don't particularly value surprise encounters with past acquaintances. On the other hand, I DO value re-acquaintanceship with CERTAIN former folk. Wanna join me?